Waterproof Casts & Splints

Waterproof Casts

We can apply a waterproof cast to your broken (fractured) bone. The advantages of this are many. In the old days of plaster casts you had to keep the cast perfectly dry, which meant no swimming and a plastic bag over your arm or leg while showering. Now, with a waterproof cast you can swim, bath and shower normally while your bone heals.

The old style casts tended to become quite smelly, but with a waterproof cast your skin can now be washed through the cast, which reduces the smell and keeps the skin in much better condition. The new casts are also lighter and stronger.

How does the waterproof cast work?
The waterproof cast liner has bubbles of padding that don’t allow water in, only your skin gets wet. Most of the water will run out of the ends of the cast. The heat from your body will warm the remaining water causing it to evaporate. The liner will allow water vapour to pass through and out of the cast. It will usually feel dry within an hour.

Walker Boots

Walker Boots are a good alternative to a cast for fractures of the foot and ankle, stress fractures and ligament and tendon injuries and repairs that need immobilisation. Walker boots are more comfortable than a cast and can be taken off if you have a wound that needs dressing or to begin early physiotherapy if allowed by your specialist. These boots are especially good if you are allowed to walk on your leg as they have a rocker sole that aids walking.

We stock Air Walker Boots which are a high quality boot with the following features

  • Internal air cushions to provide more padding, comfort and support, with an integrated pump allowing easy inflation or deflation
  • Extra padding that can be inserted under straps
  • A rocker bottom to aid walking
  • Velcro straps which can be adjusted to accommodate bigger or smaller calf muscles


Don’t require a cast but still need the injured part immobilized? You might be able to manage your injury with a removable splint. Nowra Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic can custom make thermoplastic splints for upper limb injuries and stock a large range of off-the-shelf boots for lower limb injuries such as severe ankle sprains and some fractures.