Spinal Physio

Nowra Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic are experienced in treating spinal pain. Your physiotherapist will assess your injury and determine not only the optimal treatment for you, but also teach you how to prevent the injury from recurring. Nowra Pilates

Your physiotherapist will perform a detailed assessment, including:

  • postural assessment
  • joint/muscular flexibility
  • palpation of joints/soft tissues
  • detailed history
Your physiotherapist may utilise a variety of techniques to help you improve, including:
  • manual therapy (including soft tissue massage, stretches, trigger point releases)
  • joint mobilisations (joint mobilisations are techniques used to improve joint movement and pain. Mobilising joints can often achieve similar results to manipulation (”cracking joints”), but without using as much force, eliminating the risk that can be involved with spinal manipulation)
  • prescription of exercises