Acute nerve root pain

Acute nerve root pain refers to when a nerve coming from the spinal cord is compressed by a structure in the neck. This produces a sudden onset of pain normally in the arm. You don’t necessarily have to have neck pain. The pain may be associated with pins and needles, numbness or loss of strength.

You should not ignore acute nerve root pain, you should stop aggravating activities, including the activity that caused the injury, as you could make the injury worse or prolong the recovery.

A qualified Physio such as those at Nowra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic can help determine the extent of the injury and refer you for the appropriate scans and further medical referrals if required. Treatment will initially involves techniques to help reduce your pain, then when pain has settled sufficiently your physio will provide you with strengthening exercises and stretches to return you to normal function and reduce risk of re-injury.

If you suspect you have acute nerve root pain you should consult your doctor and a qualified physiotherapist. The team at Nowra Physiotherapy and Sports injury Clinic are all experienced in dealing with acute Nerve Root pain.